Triple Science

Triple Science Support Programme (TSSP) is a DfE funded support programme that helps schools, managers and teachers plan, develop and deliver Triple Science GCSEs. The programme offers schools training, consultancy, networking opportunities, resources and publications.

AvonTSA continues to host a series of network meetings designed to encourage teachers of Triple Science from local schools to share ideas and good practice.

Evaluation of the National Triple Science Support Programme indicates that participant schools have made considerable improvements in their triple science provision, have supported the development of individual teachers’ knowledge and skills, and increased the capacity and capability of science departments to teach triple science.


Currently available

We are delighted to confirm that Dr James Blaxland of Cardiff University will provide the cutting-edge research background to this unique professional development experience. James has a background in biomedical sciences, food science and pharmaceutical microbiology.

Thanks to RCUK funding, we are able to offer these workshops at minimal costs.

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