Science Outreach

Science Equipment available on loan for Primary Schools

Avon TSA recognises the importance of instilling an enthusiasm for science and the development of independent enquiry skills in children from a young age. To do this you need the right kit. We appreciate it is not always possible for our primary schools to purchase science equipment that may only be used a couple of times a year.

So we have done it for you! Malmesbury School has developed a central bank of science equipment which is available for all the primary schools in the area to borrow free of charge. All we ask is that it is returned in the state it was given to you.

Primary Light Box


10 ray boxes & filters

10 blocks

10 big prisms

10 small prisms

10 mirrors

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Primary Wet Box


10 spotting tiles

10 timers

10 beakers

10 measuring cylinders

10 stirrers

10 thermometers

10 goggles

10 funnels

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Circuit Boxes


3 lamps with 6v bulbs

1 50 omh resistor

1 100 omh resistor

1 motor lead

1 change over switch

1 push switch

1 buzzer

4 cell


3 red & 3 black plug leads

1 red crocodile clip lead

1 black crocodile clip

Power Supplies:

4 cell unit



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Bug Box


Quadrats (0.25m)

Butterfly nets

Dipping nets

Bug pots

Pond samplers

Sampler bottles

Pond trays


Measuring tapes

FSC guides

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Year 5 Primary AG&T Science Club

Every year we run our very popular and successful after school science enrichment club for able, gifted and talented year 5 pupils. The objective of this 5 week course is to introduce pupils to science in a laboratory setting and to develop their investigative skills in a fun and creative way.

2 courses are run in the summer term and all our feeder primaries have an opportunity to nominate students that they believe will benefit from this opportunity.

Year 6 Primary Science Taster Days

In June and July, we offer primary school science taster sessions.  The sessions are designed for year 6 pupils (but year 5 are welcome if it is a mixed class) to aid the transition to secondary school and introduce them to scientific investigation in a laboratory session.  They are able to choose from one of the following sessions:-

  • Dynamic Datalogging
  • Is there sugar in my lemonade?

Would you like to know more about our Primary Outreach Programme?