Minety RFC, Junior Rugby

Minety RFC Schools’ TAG Rugby Festival 2022

Please remember that the rules are as follows:

  • 7 a side / 10 in a squad
  • we aim for a minimum of 2 girls on the pitch at any one time
  • If you’re entering more than one team the A team must follow the boy/girl ratio
  • Matches will be approximately 7 minutes long depending on number of entries


  • 4 pitches on the 1st XV rugby pitch (with floodlighting)
  • 2 x leagues with league winners playing the final


  • Belts around the waist and on the outside of the clothing. The tags are positioned on either side of the hips.

The ‘Tackle’ (Tag)

  • It’s non contact – ball carriers cannot fend off tacklers with or without the ball.
  • Once tagged the player in possession of the ball must stop and pass the ball to a team-mate within 3 seconds / 3 strides.
  • Players are only allowed one step to score a try after being tagged.
  • No diving to score.
  • Tagged players may pass within the act of stopping.
  • If the ball goes to ground players can pick it up, but there should be no diving or going to ground and no mauling.
  • Taggers must hold the tag above their head and shout “Tag”,
  • Immediately after the pass has been made the defender must give the tag back to the tackled player before re-joining the game.
  • The defender can take no further part in the game until they have returned the tag.
  • No player can take any further part in the game without both tags properly in place on the belt.
  • Defenders are not allowed to snatch the ball from the player’s hands.


  • Once a tag has been made all defenders must make an effort to get back on their side of the ball and not deliberately stand offside blocking the pass or waiting for the interception, therefore allowing the attacker to pass.

Scrums & Line outs

  • There will be no scrums, line outs or kicking.

Starts & Finishes

  • Centralised start / finish bell. On hearing this referees will blow their whistle to end the game when the next tag has been taken or a breakdown occurred.
Make sure you have FUN

The referee’s decision is final.

DATE: Y3/4: Thursday 6th October 2022     

DATE:  Y5/6: Wednesday 12th October 2022            

TIME: 14.45 – 17.30hrs

VENUE : Minety Rugby Club

TEAMS: 7 a side, mixed

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Wednesday 21 September 2022