Tri Golf 2022

WHAT IS Tri Golf?

Tri golf is an official alternative version of golf created for primary school children. This game uses light, plastic clubs and a rubber ball, which makes it very safe and much easier to hit. It’s been proven as a very popular game amongst those who don’t enjoy many (or any) other sports.

There will be an 8 challenge circuit.  The children will have one practice round at each skill station where they learn the challenges followed by a competition round of 7 minutes.  If there’s enough time and the weather’s good, we will also add a speed challenge round (3 minutes).

Tri Golf is teams of 10 (5 boys and 5 girls), ideally Y4/5, but the game is a real leveller so we’re happy for the children to come from any of the KS2 years.  It is aimed at those children who don’t usually take part in school sports teams, similar to the Tops Activities.

DATE Wednesday 24 May 2023

VENUE : Malmesbury School

TIMINGS: 13.00 – 15.30 hrs