Tri Golf

Y4/5 Tri Golf 2020

Teams will rotate around 8 skills stations and 5 minutes per team is allowed on each station.

  • Station 1 (Bullseye): Chip the ball in the air aiming at the centre of the target. Score is taken from where the ball finishes not where it hits the target 
  • Station 2 (Dominoes): 13 cones are placed in a straight line. Players try to roll the ball with the putter to hit the cone nearest to them. If the player hits the cone they collect it and score points. The cones must be hit in order.
  • Station 3 (Drive for Show, Putt for Dough): Each player aims to chip the ball in the air over the blue line of cones. If successful they earn the chance to putt the ball into the hoop.
  • Station 4 (Finders Keepers): Putt the ball towards the cones. The first cone the ball hits, the player collects with the ball and returns it to the team. Game ends when all cones have been collected.
  • Station 5 (Grand National): Clip the ball in the air over the ‘fences’ made from the cones to score points.
  • Station 6 (Tunnel Ball): Putt the ball down the tunnel towards the hoop without hitting any cones. Chose which tee to play from – the furthest tee will earn more points. The ball must stay in the hoop to score
  • Station 7 (Zone Ball): Lay out the cones so that they all touch. Try to hit the yellow or green cones to score the highest.
  • Station 8 (Go for the Green): Players start from the white cones and try to strike the ball onto the green target.


DATE Thursday 11 June 2020

TIME : 13.00 – 15.00 hrs

VENUE : Malmesbury School Fields