Years 3 / 4 TOP Activity Festival 2017

We usually work in groups of 8, 10 would be the maximum.

You may bring 2 groups with a mix of boys and girls.


Arrive by 11.05am (on 8 November) or 9.15am (on 10 November) to warm up with your leader, activities start at 9.30am or 11.20am.  Please note 10 November is now full.

Parking in the bus bay is fine, it will be lesson time/break time so best to use the toilets in the changing rooms.

If you think that toilet visits will be necessary on arrival then please arrive earlier so that you can still be on the courts for 9.15. If you’re parking at TAZ it would be best to do your toilet stop there and to then walk across the back of the building to the netball courts.


Every child MUST have a water bottle – they get very thirsty! I will take the water barrel out but I don’t have cups so they need their own bottle to refill.

Weather – we will only cancel if it is very wet – so the children should come dressed in layers that can be removed should we be lucky and get a warm day.


We will all meet on the netball courts and then depending on numbers and weather we may have some activities on the grass.

Entries:  Please complete the online booking form by 31 October 2017. If you are not entering a team, please do let AvonTSA know.


Wednesday 8 November,       11.05 – 12.35hrs

Friday 10 November,        09.15 – 10.45hrs