Orienteering Festival 2022

Y1-2 and Y3-4 Orienteering Festival


6 children per team, (preferably 3 girls and 3 boys)

3 pairs per team

Please make sure that the children know if they are in team 1, 2, 3, etc. (Please don’t use any other team names as our scoring system won’t cope!)


Please come appropriately dressed for the weather – we would suggest lots of layers, it’s always better to remove layers rather than being cold. Rainwear is absolutely essential.

Footwear – wear trainers but bring boots as well if there’s been a lot of rain as our fields can be very muddy.


Each child should bring a full water bottle and a snack to have at 14.00 hrs during the gap between the finish and the results as it will take a short while to collate the scores.

PARKING – is an issue!

There is room for 10 cars ONLY at The Activity Zone, (then walk across coming around the front of the school).

Cars can park in our bus bay but must be removed by 15.00hrs. There will no cars on the field at any time.


From the bus bay please access school by the hall door and use the toilets by the canteen. Our lunchtime starts at 12.25hrs so it is very busy around the canteen area until about 13.00hrs.


Please bring a basic first aid bag so that you have something available at your team base to deal with minor problems. There will be a central bag available but as this is such a big event it would be easier for you to deal with issues at your team base in the first instance.


13.30 hrs Arrive and warm up with student leaders

13.50 hrs Welcome and instructions

14.00 hrs 3 x 20 minutes of orienteering

15.00 hrs Return to team base

15.15 hrs Results

Y1-2 and Y3-4 Orienteering

DATE:  Wednesday 3 May 2023

TIME:  13.30 – 15.30 hrs

VENUE: Malmesbury School Playing Fields

BRING: Clipboard and pencil for each pair