Language Leaders

We have a group of Year 10 students who have volunteered to be trained to deliver some short lessons (20 mins) to primary school pupils.

In the past, we have visited Malmesbury Primary School in one group. The idea is that our students introduce a language or content that the children will not have studied before, but may experience in their time at Malmesbury School – French, Spanish or German. The aim is to inspire the primary school pupils that languages are fun to learn and they can do it, and that our students act as role models for the younger pupils. These sessions have been really successful and much appreciated by the Primary School. Our students have then gone back for a second visit later in the term or the next term and taught another language (eg Russian, Hebrew, Danish).

We have offered this as a carousel – we go to the school for an afternoon and the pupils rotate around 4 rooms with approximately 10 primary children in each group. Each lesson lasts 20 mins and the groups then rotate – so they all experience 4 sessions.

We would like to expand this offer to other primary schools in the area. We would be able to take a smaller group of students to 2 primaries on the same day and offer a mini version if there are less students. We are very flexible as long as it matches our teacher and student availability.

If you would like more details on our language leaders, please contact AvonTSA via the link below.

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