Gym Festival 2022

TEAMS: a maximum of 6 children with the top 4 scores counting for the team result. Teams can consist of a mix of boys and girls from any year group. Each gymnast will perform one sequence, either the beginners or advanced.

INDIVIDUALS can be entered if you do not have 4 children to make a team.

SEQUENCES – there is a choice of a beginners sequence or an advanced sequence. Children should know the sequence so they are able to perform without prompting. The teacher must use their discretion as to which level of sequence a child should perform. Club gymnasts will generally be on the advanced sequences while those who only do gym in PE lessons will be more likely to do the beginners sequence.



  1. Forward roll to straddle sit
  2. Teddy roll 180
  3. Shoulder stand straight legs
  4. Roll down to Back support
  5. Turn over to Front support to crouch
  6. Bunny hop forwards
  7. Straight jump
  8. Tuck jump
  9. Arabesque



See button below


See button below


Jump on, straddle vault off

(reach hands to end of box, clear shape in the straddle off, balanced landing)

(fluency from the landing on the box to the straddle off)

JUDGING – a score out of 10 will be awarded. Points can be gained for quality, fluency and presentation.

PRIZES – all participants will receive a certificate back at school for successfully completing their routine. The highest scoring individuals will also receive a certificate and a shield will be awarded to the winning team.


  • 09.30hrs welcome and introduction
  • Warm up led by a Malmesbury School student
  • Demonstration of both sequences by a Malmesbury School student
  • Schools will rotate through a variety of stations including sequence warm up, sequence performance, vaults, vault competition, floor work, beam, team photo
  • Judges collate scores
  • Presentations

ENTRY FORM – please complete the gymnastics booking form and return it via email. It is essential that the form shows which sequence each child will be performing and which vault they will be performing.

The vaulting competition is not compulsory, you can enter as a team, as individuals or just use that station as a practice vault.

DATE : Wednesday 25th January 2023

TIME : 09.30 – 12.30 hrs

VENUE : The Activity Zone, Malmesbury