Dodgeball Festival

Y3/4 Dodgeball

Teams: 6 a side and a maximum of 8 in the squad.  Substitutions can only be made between matches unless there is an injury.

This is a development event and is aimed at engaging those students not previously engaged in sports competition. Schools are encouraged to choose students who have not represented their school in any sports team

Three dodgeballs are used and positioned in the centre zone at the start of each set. Matches last 10 minutes, using a points system as follows:
Sets are 2 minutes and as many as possible will be played during the 10 minute match. If a team is eliminated the winning team are awarded 2 set points. If it is a draw one point is awarded to both teams. (Draw occurs if both teams have the same number of players left after 2 minutes)

The match will start with a “Rush” players must stand on the back line of the court and the balls places in the dead zone. On the referee’s whistle players can run to pick up a ball. Once a ball is retrieved from the dead zone it must go back past the return line before being used to attempt an out.

• A player is out if a direct throw from an opposing team player hits them below head height.

• If a throw hits a player in the face they are still in – but if a throw hits a player on the back or top of the head when they are not facing play or ducking down, they are out. This will be at the referee’s discretion.

• A player is out if their throw is caught by a member of the opposing team, that player is out, and a point is awarded to the opposing team.

• A successful catch enables a player who is already out to return to the game; this must always be the first player who was out, and they must return behind the return line.

• If a player is hit by a throw and a teammate catches that same ball before it hits any other surface, then they have saved the first player hit from being out.

• A player may use a ball in their possession to block a thrown ball – they must ensure they keep full control of the ball they are holding.

• If a player steps over the dead zone line (Middle zone separating both teams) they are out, and a point is awarded to the opposing team.

• Players may not step off court to retrieve the ball

• If a ball goes out of the back of the court and hits the wall and bounces back in, it is still in play.

• The leading team (the team with the most players on court) has five seconds from the referee’s call to throw the majority of the balls in their possession – the leading team can always hold on to one ball.

• Winners are the team with the most points after 10 minutes

DATE : Thursday 30th March 2023

TIME : 1.00 – 3pm hrs

VENUE : The Activity Zone