Cross Country Festival 2021

AGE GROUPS: Year 3/4 and Year 5/6

TEAMS:    Teams will consist of 6 girls or 6 boys with the first 4 scores to count

PARKING: Parking on the school site will be limited due to the buses.  Please only use the designated spaces.  There is parking available in the top section of The Activity Zone, but please do not park beyond the sign saying ‘No Parking for Malmesbury School beyond this point.’ The bus bay must be cleared of all cars before 15.00 hrs.


  • Suitable and warm clothing to run in which could include a hat and gloves
  • A coat/waterproof to wear whilst waiting to run and to put on afterwards
  • Boots with studs are advisable as the pitches are likely to be muddy
  • Warm and dry clothes to change into afterwards
  • Clean shoes/trainers to change into at the gravel area just before going home

BRING:  A large filled water bottle and a snack for afterwards.


You will need one adult to focus totally on the children.

You will need another adult to focus totally on recording results and handing them in.

In the case of damp weather you need to be able to keep both yourself and the paperwork dry!


We will meet on the playing fields where each school can create a team base. Please stay off of the cricket strips and the long jump run up at all times.

One of our Cross Country Team will take your runners for a warm up which will then be followed by the welcome, introduction and instructions.

The Year 3/4 Girls and Year 3/4 Boys races will take place at the same time.

The Year 5/6 Girls and Year 5/6 Boys races will run at the same time as soon as the Year 3/4s finish.


As the runner crosses the line they will be given a place card which they should bring straight to you.

Write ALL the names on the envelope in the order in which they finish and place the cards inside the envelope.

Names MUST be recorded in FULL (i.e. first name AND surname).

Total the scores of the first 4 runners to finish and write it in the box.

Take the envelope to the scorekeeper.

It is essential that the Year 3/4 scores have been handed in BEFORE the Year 5/6 race finishes.

Repeat the above procedure for the Year 5/6 race.

The quicker you get all of the above done, the earlier we can announce the results!

DATE:  Wednesday 23 November 2022

TIME:  13.30 – 15.30hrs

VENUE:  Malmesbury School Playing Fields

MEET:  On playing fields